12 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Outlook on Life

Cynthia Hull

12 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Your Outlook on Life infographic


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12 Ways to Change your mindset and outlook on life. 1. Recite Positive affirmations. Remind yourself that you are worthy and deserving of success. 2. Spend your time wisely by learning from the best sources. Learn from the best to move forward with you plans. Choose your mentor carefully. 3. Draw inspiration from good role models. A good role model draws you in and what they teach resonates deeply with you. 4. Discover your limiting beliefs. Everyone has limiting beliefs. The key is to identify these beliefs, understand why they are blocking your success. 5. Change your limiting beliefs. Write down your limiting beliefs and change the wordings. IF you believe you'll never be the breadwinner in your family, change that into "I am intelligent and capable of supporting my family. 6. Revisit your vision and goals. Creating a vision for your business often reignites your excitement. Take elements of your vision and break it into smaller goals. Break these smaller goals down into daily tasks. 7. Socialize with positive people. As the Law of Attraction state, like attracts like. If you want to foster a positive outlook on life, find positive people to be around. 8. Avoid negative media stories. Yes, it's important to know what's happening in the world but seeing and hearing the constant barrage of bad news, 24/7, will drain your positive energy. 9. Stretch out of your comfort zone. Trying new things, meeting new people, taking your business in a new direction requires stepping out of your comfort zone. The result? Improved mindset and self-confidence. 10. Find joy outside of work. All work and no play makes for a dull and burned-out entrepreneur. Live in the moment with your family and friends. Banish work talk from the dinner table. Find a new hobby. Reconnect with nature. 11. Practice gratitude. Expressing gratitude changes your frequency, your attitude and focuses your mind on the positive. 12. Create a positive mindset morning routine. Starting your day off with positive thoughts and movement will motivate you as well as put you in a happy mood, which can often carry throughout your day.