3 Powerful Visualization Techniques

Three Powerful Visualization Techniques

3 Powerful Visualization Techniques

Creative visualization is the process where you see things in your mind how you would like them to be in reality. People of all walks of life, from professional athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs have found the creative visualization process helpful for achieving their desires and accomplishing their goals.

Effective visualization requires details.

Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself to help you imagine all the details. If you are wanting to get a new car, ask yourself:

  1. Where are you?

  2. What color is it? Is it more than one color, what are the accent colors?

  3. What does the inside look like?

  4. What does the steering wheel feel like,

  5. What does the car smell like,

  6. How good is the sound system?

  7. What does it feel like to drive it?

  8. How does it look in your driveway?

The clearer your mental image, the more real it will become. The more real it becomes the more you feel like you already own it. Most importantly, when you visualize you will begin to experience the feeling of being in your visualization. Lean into those feelings ... that will help fuel your mind to help you achieve the thing you are visualizing.

Here are three powerful visualization techniques that you can try to help you manifest your greatest desires.

The Mental Movie

Think about what would be included if you were to make a movie about your life. What would it be like? This strategy asks you to act as the director of the film of your life... where anything and everything is possible. You get to create the scenery, the plot, and the characters that are included in your film. You become the start of your movie, and every single detail that is included in the movie is up to you to determine.

The Obituary

After you die, how do you want to be remembered by society? What kind of things do you want people to say about you at your memorial service? This creative visualization technique allows you to determine exactly what you want to be said about you when you are gone. The script that you ultimately write will highlight your career, your friends, and your family. It will point out all of your strengths and your successes. You can picture yourself in any manner that you want and use this technique to define the essential things in your life.

The Letter to a Friend

This visualization technique has you writing a letter to your closest friend, but rather than the usual format, you will be projecting how you see yourself in five or ten years. When you write the letter, picture yourself as having already accomplished everything you want in your life, being as specific as possible.

Regardless of the technique that you chose to practice your creative visualization, you want to be sure to practice regularly. By utilizing one of these powerful techniques, you will see your results skyrocket while manifesting everything you want and desire.

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