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Mindset Tip #5: Practice Visualization

Mindset Tip #5: Practice Visualization

Practice Visualization Visualization is an effective technique for changing your beliefs and reaching your goals. Your mind can’t differentiate between something vividly imagined and real life. Using visualization can provide your subconscious mind with manufactured pieces of evidence that will reinforce positive thinking in your mind. Learn more about how to use visualization. 5 Benefits of Practicing Creative Visualization 3 Powerful Visualization Techniques  

Mindset Tip #2: It's Not Personal

Cynthia Hull

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Mindset Tip #2: It's Not Personal

   Don’t take things personally. Everyone has underlying issues that you can't see on the surface. The person in the hallway that didn't speak as they passed by .. might have been thinking about the fight they had with their spouse, or the big deadline looming, or the bad news from the doctor. The barista who is usually friendly but didn't engage in your usual banter this morning? She may have been thinking about her final exams or wondering how to pay to repair her car. Don't make baseless conclusions based on a tiny amount of information that you have...

Mindset Tip #3: Focus on the Good Things

Mindset Tip #3:  Focus on the Good Things

  Gratitude is a powerful tool. You can change your outlook and attitude by taking a few minutes to notice and be thankful for all the good things in your life. The fact that you are breathing means you have something to be grateful for. Take a few deep breaths - feel your lungs fill with life-giving oxygen and be thankful that you are alive. Everyone has misfortune and hardship. There are lessons to learn in our misfortunes. When you learn the lesson, be thankful for the opportunity to grow. When you are happy -- be thankful. Soak in the...

3 Powerful Visualization Techniques

3 Powerful Visualization Techniques

3 Powerful Visualization Techniques Creative visualization is the process where you see things in your mind how you would like them to be in reality. People of all walks of life, from professional athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs have found the creative visualization process helpful for achieving their desires and accomplishing their goals. Effective visualization requires details. Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself to help you imagine all the details. If you are wanting to get a new car, ask yourself: Where are you? What color is it? Is it more than one color, what are the...

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