Ho! Ho! Ho! It's time for Holiday Gifts and Giveaways

 Holiday Gifts and Giveaways


Can you believe it is December already? I think it is a sign that I am getting older, but this year zoomed by at break neck speed. What happened to Spring and Summer? Not to mention that Halloween is a distant blip.

Last week, during a few days off for Thanksgiving, I caught up on some reading (between football games and cooking).  I read a devotional about preparing for the new year. The author suggested choosing a word at the beginning of the year to meditate on during the year. The examples given were hope, grace, gratitude, forgiveness, expectation, etc. In every situation during the year, think about your meditation word. How can you apply that thought to the situation? For example, if you chose hope, your challenge would be to find hope in all situations. It is an intriguing idea. I am considering trying it out in 2017. 

When I finished reading the devotional, I looked back at 2016. What word that describes this year?

I didn't think of a positive or encouraging word. The first thing that popped into my head was DISAPPOINTMENT. The year has been full of disappointments both personal and professional. Adding to my disappointments was this crazy world around me. Every time I turned on the news, I felt bombarded by insanity. Terrorist attacks - what type of person drives a truck through a crowd? Murders, cop killings, riots, protests, the Zika virus, on and on, every day, more bad news. Not to mention an election that demonstrated the divisions in our country.   

I surprised myself. I didn't consciously think about disappointment. But the combination of all these events left me disappointed.

After my realization, I started hearing other people say the same thing. 2016 has not been a good year for many of us. Sorry, 2016, but a lot of us are ready for you to take a bow and exit the stage.

I don't like to dwell in negativism. It takes too much energy to be sad, angry, or even disappointed. I want to spread joy in life. What better time of year to do that than the holidays?

I made a decision. No more thinking about disappointments. Instead, I am going to spread joy.  My heart felt lighter. My mood improved immediately.

Starting today, I am going to shower my readers and customers with love. I have lots of gifts, giveaways and surprises planned. If you haven't already, sign up above. That is the only way you will receive the gifts. Then watch your email. Let's end 2016 on a positive note and get ready for a banner 2017. 

As always, I look forward to your suggestions or comments. I appreciate you all and am looking forward to a great month of gift giving.

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