How to Gain Confidence and Stop Procrastination

Cynthia Hull

Do you have tasks on your to-do list that sit there for days or weeks? Tasks that you always put off, push to the end of the list? Do you suffer from procrastination?
Don’t hang your head in shame.
Procrastination is not always about choosing to do things that are more fun, or “copping out” by distracting yourself.
Procrastination may be about feeling inadequate.
Those stubborn tasks that remain on your to-do list may be a sign that you have confidence issues. Are you avoiding these actions because you don’t know how to do them?
You have confidence issues.
When confident people don’t know how to do something—for example, segment an autoresponder list —they are more likely to:
· Ask for help
· Take the time to thoroughly read the help section or watch a tutorial
· Outsource task to a freelance contractor or VA
When insecure people don’t know how to do something they are more likely to:
· Curl up in a little ball
· Distract themselves with TV or books
· Make social telephone calls
· Hang out on Facebook
· Fall back on tasks they can do—often ones that don’t actually need doing
But note that the confident people often don’t actually know any more about the new activity than the insecure people. They possess the habits—and the confidence—to tackle and solve problems.
Confident business owners have acquired productive habits. Confident business owners are hard-wired to take action.
Successful business owners are more confident and willing to push through their doubts to...
· Release new products
· Close the sale (when getting new clients)
· Pursue joint ventures to promote their business
· Write books
· Do interviews
· Find and accept speaking opportunities
· Join (or create) Mastermind programs
· Create podcasts
· Host an Event
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!
And this is what makes you money, increases your business—and builds your reputation.
We all have similar resources at our disposal but many people don't "risk" or "finish" because they lack the confidence. Here are eight tips to learn how to tap into confidence. Pick one or use them all. Use your new confidence to blast through roadblocks, push past resistance, and pick yourself up when things awry.
8 tips to gain confidence and be more productive
1. Use Music
One of the simplest tricks to take action and feel more confident: creating your own inspiring playlist. Athletes know this secret and use music while training or during pre-game warm-ups.
Energizing or inspiring music can trigger feelings of confidence to the point where we take action.
Choose your own favorite “theme song”. It will automatically boost your confidence whenever you hear it. 
2. Adopt a Mantra to Live By
One of my favorites that I quote all the time is “Galaxy Quest". In that movie an entire civilization bases its core values on a science fiction television show from Earth. They take the series hero’s motto, “Never give up; never surrender” to heart. They achieve peace and technological advances.
This is what happens when you adopt a mantra, motto or slogan—and live by it.
“Never give up; never surrender” is a great motto. Use it or create your own when you are trying to build new confidence habits.
3. Start Small
Do you want to make a big change in your business or life? The prospect of making a big change is often intimidating. Don’t wait until you have all the answers or for the “right time”.
Start small.
Break down the change you want to make into small steps and tackle the first one. If the change you want in your life is beyond your current financial reach, buy a token that represents the change. For example, you may want to live in another country or buy a bigger house with your own office. Frame a photo of where you want to live (tear it out of a magazine if necessary) or buy a lamp you envision in your new office. You have taken the first step toward creating the change you want.
4. Make Confidence a Habit
No one is born with supreme self-confidence. People of all ages learn confidence.
Consciously work on changing your habits. Take actions you need to take. Change negative self-talk to realistic and more positive talk. Adopt the attitude of what you define as a successful person.
Confidence is not only for the lucky few who “succeed”. Anyone can have it—all you have to do is make it a habit.
5. Practice Makes Perfect
We all know the old Boy Scout motto: “Be prepared”.
Increase your confidence by preparing yourself.
Practice talking about your business. Practice selling your services and knowledge. Practice webinar software, anticipate questions, assemble all the tools you need. Practice, practice, practice.
Write a list of tasks you need to accomplish before tackling some event or project or task that makes you nervous. Make sure you try everything out in advance.
Being prepared is the best way to step out in genuine confidence.
6. Do the Hard Stuff First
Want to know a quick way to boost your confidence? Tackle the hard stuff first.
Take a look at your to-do list. Identify the hardest task or action you have to take. Get it done.
Cross that task off the list and every other task will seem easier. Plus, completing the hard stuff energizes you and jolts you out of paralysis, depression or exhaustion.
7. Take Action
Speaking of small steps, stop thinking and “just do it”—whatever “it” is.
Thinking leads to over-thinking, which leads to procrastination. So be the person who takes action when others are still tossing around possible solutions.
Taking action is empowering.
8. Be a Finisher!
Once you’ve tackled the hardest task of the day, ride the wave of relief and empowerment by finishing at least one unfinished task per day.
Write another 2,000 words of your book. Make that follow-up phone call to the potential JV partner. Pay those bills.
(And while you’re at it, book that massage or manicure you’ve been promising yourself for weeks.)
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How to Gain Confidence and Stop Procrastination

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