Analytics: The Secret to Pinterest Success is Free and Easy

Cynthia Hull



Are you using a personal Pinterest account to promote your blog or business? Using your personal Pinterest account for your blog or business is easy but won’t help your Pinterest marketing strategy.


There are two big reasons to switch to a business account: 

Analytics and Ads


It is easy and quick to switch your account from personal to business. Step by step instructions follow. 

Why do you need a Business Account? 


Analytics The Secret to Pinterest Success


Pinterest Analytics

When you visit the profile page for your Pinterest business account you will see two new options in the upper left hand corner next to the Pinterest icon. ANALYTICS and ADS. Each has its own drop down menu.


Click on Overview and you will get a quick look at how your account is performing. To dig a little deeper, click on one of the following: 

People You Reach

The PROFILE option provides the stats for Impressions, Saves, Clicks and All-Time.

(TIP: You can select the time frame you want to analyze at the top of the page. There are presets for 7, 14 or 30 days. Or you can select your own dates using the calendar. Date selection is available for Impressions, Saves and Clicks.)

IMPRESSIONS: When people see your pin in their feed or in the search results, your pin made an ‘Impression’. The number of times your pins appear in home feeds, category feeds and searches are included in the impressions stat. The ‘Average Viewers’ is the average number of people who have seen one of your pins in their feed during the time frame selected.

SAVES: When someone on Pinterest wants to share your pin with their followers they click the ‘Save’ button. This section tells you the number of times your pin has been pinned or saved to a board. The more saves a pin has the more boards it will appear on and the more people may see it.

CLICKS:  Clicks are different than Saves.  When someone finds your pin interesting and wants to read the blog post or find out more about the product they ‘click through’ to your website. ‘Clicks’ refers to the number of times the pin has been clicked through to your website or blog. The more clicks, the more traffic to your website.

ALL-TIME: Your pins live on Pinterest forever. (Until you delete them which is a topic for another conversation). All-Time provides stats on from the day you started your business account. ‘All-Time’ is a visual metric for your most saved pins, best in search, and Power Pins.

The PEOPLE YOU REACH tab will show you the monthly average of people who have seen your pins and interacted with your pins (save, comment, or click). This is only a monthly average, not weekly or daily.

You will see on this page two tabs: Demographics and Interests.

DEMOGRAPHICS breaks down the people who have seen or engaged with your pins by language, country, metro (city area), and gender.  Use this information to learn about your audience so that you can target your content.

The INTERESTS tab provides insight into the topics your audience also pins. You also see what boards your pins have been saved to and discover what other brands and Pinterest accounts your audience interacts with.

You can filter the information further by clicking on the drop down menus on the upper right hand corner. ‘All Apps’ allows you to see what devices your audience uses. You can also choose between All Audiences and Your Followers.




The last section on the Analytics page is WEBSITE. This section provides information for pins that link back to your website. You will find impressions, clicks, and saves for your website pins.

The ORIGINAL PINS tab is information on pins created from your website, saved by browser extensions or the ‘Save’ button. It also includes manual uploads.

ALL-TIME shows you activity of pins from your domain:

  • the most saved pins, from your first pin through the present,
  • the pins that show up best in search, your most highly ranked pin in search
  • power pins, the pins from your site with the most engagement

Finally, if you have enabled the ‘Save’ button on your website, you can find information on how pages with the ‘Save’ button perform:

  • how many pins are created from that page
  • how many saved pins lead to clicks back through to your website


    You have probably heard the Peter Drucker quote,

    “What gets measured gets improved.”

    That applies to your Pinterest marketing strategy too. With the analytics provided to business accounts, it is easy to measure and improve your Pinterest marketing.


    How to switch your personal account to a business account:

    1. Log into your personal account.
    2. Follow this link:
    3. Fill in the information and click DONE. {Easy Peasy}