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The Solopreneur Myth (Why Successful Solopreneurs aren't Solo!)

The Solopreneur Myth  (Why Successful Solopreneurs aren't Solo!)

I was asked recently what I do. I answered with my best elevator pitch:   “I am a virtual assistant. I provide resources and virtual assistance to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.” The response I got was surprising. The normal response is usually curiosity about how I got started doing virtual work, or what type of assistance I provide, or even questions about my background. Sometimes the response centers around my lifestyle, the most popular question is whether I work in my pajamas (I don’t). But this time, the response was a derisive laugh, almost a snort. No joke! “Why in the...

Why Cynsational Services?

Why Cynsational Services?

When I meet new prospects I am often asked about my business experience. I like to tell the story of my first job after college. I learned more in the first two years after graduation than I did taking classes ... at least I learned more 'real world' lessons. Here's what happened:     After finishing my last final exams at the University of Texas, I met a local Austin entrepreneur with a local retail empire. He had an idea to expand his business with a completely different type of shop. He wanted to open a counter service, gourmet coffee and candy store at the campus of...

I Have an Assistant, Why do I need a VA?

I Have an Assistant, Why do I need a VA?

 Your assistant is truly your right hand. You seem to share a brain and communicate easily. She shares your goals for your company and helps drive your success. Why do you need a VA?       Your assistant is probably spending time on tasks that need to be outsourced: schedule management, travel planning, slideshow creation, online research. You can create more time in your assistant’s day and free up some of her valuable energy by outsourcing tasks she can easily oversee. Calendar and Schedule Management: Your VA can reconfirm your appointment date and time, plus confirm location and provide...

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