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Cynsational Resources

Welcome to Cynsational Resources, my online shop that aims to be your one stop shop for tools and products to use, at your convenience, to help you build your business and grow your audience. Whether you have an online business, provide services, or have a brick and mortar location, you need information, resources and assistance to grow your business.

Who am I?



☞ ‘WORK’ is not a place or job, it is your CONTRIBUTION to society.

☞ Entrepreneurs are the LIFEBLOOD of the economy.

☞ The FUTURE will not resemble our traditional 9 to 5 past.

☞ SUCCESS looks different to everyone. My success is when my clients THRIVE



☞ I WORK like an OWNER. I walk in my client entrepreneur's shoes: I approach all projects and tasks from the owner's point of view, with an eye on both short term goals and long range objectives.

☞ I THINK like a CUSTOMER. My tasks impact the customer experience which requires me to approach the company as a consumer.

☞ I INVESTIGATE the COMPETITION. What makes my client UNIQUE & DESIRABLE? The path forward points to differentiating my client from the competition.

☞It's SIMPLE! I provide my clients much needed TIME & FLEXIBILITY. I am a THOUGHT PARTNER and an unwavering CHEERLEADER.


My goal for Cynsational Resources is to use my knowledge and 20+ years of experience to propel entrepreneurs to success, to educate entrepreneurs (& solopreneurs!) on how to utilize the vast array of available outsourced talent, and to work in partnership on strategic growth. Whether it’s a long term collaboration or occasional project or assistance, I can help you reach your goals.



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