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Attention Entrepreneurs & Service Providers: If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, you’re not alone—but you don’t have to stay there…

Turn Your Dreams of a Successful Business Into Reality With these Simple Strategies to Uncover Your True Talents, Expertise and Brilliance and Easily Build Credibility With Your Audience

Whether you just are just starting your business or have served dozens of clients through the years, now is the time to concentrate on building your credibility and showcasing your brilliance with the world.

This is not the time to be shy. Do you have big dreams? Do you want to expand your business and grow your team? Do you have dreams of making 5 or 6 or even 7 figure sales? Do you dream of big stages and huge audiences?

Be proud of your success and plan on sharing it with your audience.

Stop settling for the status quo, and learn how to achieve for those dreams that seem just out of reach…

Unveil Your Brilliance planner


Hey there…

It’s an all-too-common scenario. A promising entrepreneur with valuable gifts and a passion for her mission begins to build a business.

She studies available training materials.

She attends webinars and in-person events.

She dreams of the day she can leave her job behind and achieve the success she sees so many others in her niche realizing.

And yet, months—or even years—later, she’s still spending her lunch hour reading business books, while her business plans just haven’t taken off.

What went wrong? Did she lack the desire to do the work? The skills? The confidence?

No. She failed to highlight her own personal zone of genius and build credibility with her audience.  

Knowing You Have a Solution for Your Audience Isn’t Enough

Here’s the thing. All the brilliant stuff in your head doesn’t help anyone if they don’t trust your knowledge and expertise.

You must take the steps to build your credibility with your audience. And that’s where the perpetual dreamers get stuck – their audience doesn’t know, like and trust them yet.


Credibility Builds “Know, Like and Trust”

That sounds easy, doesn’t it? And on the face of it, it is.

It starts with unveiling your own brilliance – your zone of genius, your expertise and your unique knowledge gained from your own unique experiences.


Unveil Your Brilliance

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step workbook and planner is packed with actionable steps designed to help you effortlessly move from dreamer to successful entrepreneur.

Learn to be visible online and offline, be vocal, tell people what you do, share your experiences, offer advice. THIS will build your credibility and you will gain more visibility, thereby gaining new followers and potential new clients.

Here’s what is included …

  • Step 1: Identify Your Zone of Genius (hint: be a specialist)

  • Step 2: Challenge Your Own Assumptions (are you over-thinking things?)

  • Step 3: Your Story, Your Brand (Yes, YOU have a story!)

  • Step 4: Update Your Bio with Specifics (build your AUTHORITY)

  • Step 5: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (invite your audience into your world)

  • Step 6: Brag a Little (It’s OK to brag!)

  • Step 7: Speak Your Piece (find events to showcase your expertise)

  • Step 8: Gather Testimonials (let your happy clients say it for your)

  • Step 9: There’s More to Life Than Business (remember the saying: “all work and no play ….” ? )



Stop Hiding Your Brilliance

Being an expert is great. But if your audience doesn’t know about your brilliant expertise your business won’t grow.

In less than an afternoon with this step-by-step workbook and planner, you will:

  • Be confident of your expertise and ready to unveil your brilliance

  • Have a plan to build your credibility with your audience

  • Be ready to grow your business!


Here is peek:




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