Find Your Perfect Clients - Eleven Strategies to Build an Engaged Audience

Do you struggle to find new clients? Worry that you may not have enough business to pay the bills?

Here are eleven proven strategies, all focused on building an engaged audience so you are able to book new clients quickly, whenever you need them.


1.           Be Yourself

You may think this is one of the most overused phrases, but it is the most powerful. You won’t connect with the right people until you are coming from a place of total transparency and honesty. Listen, share and evaluate—yourself as well as others.

Be self-aware. Invest in coaching specifically in areas in which you struggle.

You will attract the right people when you are your unique self. People can sniff out a phony in an instant. Your unique qualities are what you offer. Be yourself. It will make it much easier to not only gain clients, but build a strong relationship with them.

2.           Create New Packages

The premise is simple. Offer a fresh new deal that has appealing benefits. Tell your ideal audience about it. Sign up new clients.

The reality is not that simple. You need:

The right offer for your ideal paying client


The right offer for you

To create an attractive new package, you need to know your clients and their pain points. 

But don’t leave it up to guesswork only: ASK your audience base. Create a simple survey to your clients, email list and publicize your social media pages and groups.

When you have the answers to your questions, create a package that offers new benefits in line with the answers. Then provide a simple but irresistible incentive to get your ideal clients to check it out.


3.           Automate and Outsource

Don’t get carried away with strategies. Instead, automate and outsource anything that drains your energy. Delegate tasks to your VA. Leave yourself alert for opportunities to make customer connections.

For task you don’t outsource, use the resources, apps, software and services that are available. Optimize your resources to free yourself from the more mundane parts of building your business. 

Don’t feel guilty about outsourcing mundane work. Remember, what is draining to you sparks enthusiasm in VA’s who specialize in them.

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4.           Free Events for Clients Only

Host an event for clients, current and past. A client-only event conveys your appreciation.

Pick your moment. Look for opportunities to engage with customers. For example, when clients are all asking the same question or struggling with the same thing, you can step up and be the solution.


5.           Host a Weekly Q & A

Your weekly session can be an exclusive reward for past and current clients. Or make it a regular, recurring feature of a paid membership group. Or open it up to your fans and followers.

The benefits of a weekly Q & A include:

Encourage clients and followers to interact with you

Provide great ideas for products, your next package, or webinar

Maintains your visibility with your clients


6.           Understand Your Goals and Business Objectives

Don’t give in to the temptation to say accept work that is not your specialty.  The cost in time and energy may damage your ability to assist your ideal clients.

Turning away business can be bad for business. Instead, refer them to someone who specializes in what they need. Better yet, make the introduction and follow up with them to ensure they are happy with the results. You build a relationship that may be beneficial.


7.           Extend the Invitation

Potential clients will often tell you they need help with something you are more than qualified to do. But they won’t actually request your services. Clients can be as afraid of rejection as you.

Listen. When you hear an indirect hint or inquiry, reply in a straightforward, cheerful manner that you are an expert and ask for the business.


8.           Create (Passive) Customer Resources

The timing for some people to become clients may not be right. You can still offer them assistance through passive resources you have created:

A signature eBook on Amazon

A themed series of eBooks

Packages of forms, worksheets, checklists, etc.

Template packages

On-demand courses and webinars

Bonus for you: passive income.


9.           Recycle Existing Material

You’ve created content for your blog, written articles, created lesson plans and so on—right?

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, use what you’ve already created to:

Create a free or paid email course

Create a video or podcast

Bundle all your material together and use as the core of an eBook

Put it in a package

Re-purpose articles into checklists, worksheets, templates, quizzes or kits

Use any of the above as a sign-up bonus!


10.  Learn What Works for You

Don’t give yourself a nervous breakdown trying to learn strategies that just don’t feel right for you. Instead, be observant. Learn what works. When do people ask you for help? What do they ask you for help with?

Knowing this, what would best appeal to them to “hook” them into engaging in more than a casual conversation: An eBook? A Special One-Time-Only offer? A webinar?


11.  Create a “Client Success Stories” Tab on your Site

Feature your clients and their achievements. Focus the page on your clients’ success. Include quotes that speak of specific goals you helped them achieve.

Do this, and pretty soon, clients will be eager to become one of your “Success Stories”.


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"When you put yourself in the customer’s shoes and begin your dialog from there, an immediate connection develops that stems beyond basic commerce and encourages loyalty." ~Steve Maraboli