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Overview: 18 Page Planner and Worksheets to prepare your holiday promotions

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 Holiday Promo Planner


Ever wanted to run your own lucrative Black Friday, Cyber Monday or other holiday promo, but didn’t know where to start? Read on…

Want to Call in More Cash in Q4 Than Ever Before?

Let’s address the elephant in the room:

The holidays aren’t the most wonderful time of the year for some entrepreneurs.

It’s true. While some entrepreneurs get straight up giddy about the holidays (like a kid on Christmas morning, one might say), others dread them (and not just because they have to host their in-laws, again).

And if you’re here, I’m going to guess you’re in that second camp.

Tell me if this rings a bell…

Every time you even think about putting a holiday promo in place, your head starts dancing with questions like:

Which holidays do I actually want–and need–to create promotions around?

What can I offer that people will actually buy?

How long do I promote my offers? When do I start? How do I make sure people even see my messages?

Should I even bother when there are a million others offering products and services just like mine?

It’s enough to make even the merriest among us get all, “Bah, humbug!” am I right?

The good news is, I get it. The better news is I’ve discovered that with the right strategy in place, you, too can maximize this time period that only comes “but once a year.”

It’s YOUR Turn to Make the Most Out of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Let’s break it down.

How are some entrepreneurs able to confidently capitalize on that awkward time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day (and bring in more revenue in Q4 than the rest of the previous quarters combined)…

…while others can barely get a one-word response to their (4th), “Hey, just circling back about this” email?

Well, nobody can deny that people are more “unreachable” during the holidays. They’re spending time unplugged & away from their computers & phones (read: your main marketing channels) and focusing on being present with their families.

…But guess what else they’re doing?

Spending lots of money–money they could be spending on your fabulous products & services!

Seriously, the statistics don’t lie: As of 2019, the days between Black Friday and Christmas generate 50–100% more revenue than other major shopping days throughout the rest of the year.

(And that shows no signs of stopping, since stats also show holiday e-commerce sales go up 10% each year.)

But listen…

Most entrepreneurs overcomplicate the heck out of their holiday promotions.

They hear “set up a Black Friday/Cyber Monday/New Year” sale and think it means:
– Sending 1000 sales emails and alienating half their audience
– Creating a thousand hours of content (and who has that kind of time during the holidays?)
– Competing with millions of other providers, so why bother?

And it’s simply not true.

Don’t get me wrong: Your holiday campaigns will require a bit of planning.

But keeping your company in the black while everything is red & green isn’t nearly as hard as it seems.

So, if you’d like your Q4 income to feel a little less ho-hum and a little more Hallelujah! (read: get a big “chunk” of income before year’s end–or at the beginning of the next year!), I’ve got something for you.

Ready to learn how to wrap up your year with a big, fat boost of revenue–and keep your leads warm all fall long?



Holiday Promotions Workbook and Planner 

When you purchase, you’ll receive workbook walking you step-by-step through how to plan, produce and profit from your own holiday promotions.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Choose the right offers for your business–offers that your ideal clients can’t wait to buy!
  • Confidently market your holiday promotions, including the how, when and where to get the most traction
  • Set everything up in advance, so when the holidays roll around you can relax and watch the sales roll in!

Here's a peak at the workbook: 






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