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That sounds harsh. But it's true. The path to failure in your business is the failure to plan.

You have a brilliant idea - a new service or a fabulous product - an idea that will change lives and pad your bank account. You work hard to make your idea a reality. You sink money into development, marketing, a website .... and the results are abysmal.

Is your idea bad? Did you create a service or product nobody wants or needs?

Probably not.

  • The problem may not be your idea, but your execution.
  • Did you develop your idea for a specific customer persona?
  • Did you develop your idea to highlight the unique value you offer?
  • Did you choose the correct business model? Did you even consider business models?
  • Did you develop a marketing plan? A strategic action plan?
  • Did you stay on budget? Did you have a financial plan and budget?

If you didn't make a BUSINESS PLAN, you didn't plan for success.


Both online and offline business owners create business plans on a yearly basis to get themselves organized for the next year. It’s a way of taking stock of progress, examining what’s working, and laying out goals and plans for the year to come.

Almost all very successful business owners will tell you that they create business goals and action plans on a regular basis, sometimes as often as once a month since markets can change quickly.

If you have been struggling in your business or are considering something new, the entire process of creating a business plan will help you see where you can be most profitable. It will also tell you where you are going wrong and need to change.
Business owners who really want to be successful create a business plan each year. Some even do it monthly. Large or small, online or offline, you need to plan your business. 

Making a BUSINESS PLAN doesn't need to be a laborious exercise.

Introducing the Quick and Easy Business Plan, a step by step guide to creating a business plan to propel your idea from inception to success.

This manual includes an eleven step, self-paced course plus workbook which will teach you the basics of creating a business plan and prompt you to work through your ideas using the included workbook.

As you work through this program:

  • You will learn which business model best fits your income ideas
  • You will define your target customers AND know where to find them
  • You will develop your unique value and learn how to convey it to the marketplace
  • You will create a complete marketing plan
  • You will develop a strategic step by step action plan
  • You will know your financial prospects
  • You will form a working budget


What You Get:

42 Page, 8903 word Course Book

18 Page Work Book with 14 worksheets


WorkbookBusiness plan coursebook


Don't delay! Your success depends on a great plan.



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