3 Ways to Build Trust with Your Etsy Shop

Cynthia Hull

One of the most critical objectives for new online businesses is to build trust with their customers. This is especially true for Etsy shop owners. Shoppers on Etsy know they are getting handmade and unique items, but they want to buy from shops they trust.

Three ways to build trust in your Etsy Shop. Blog Post.

Three ways to build trust in your Etsy Shop:

Product Description

Your product listing must do the work of the friendly salesperson you encounter when you go to your favorite brick and mortar. Your description must:

  • answer the buyer’s questions,
  • encourage the buyer to imagine using the product,
  • offer suggestions on how to use the product,
  • overcome the buyer’s objections

Plus, your description needs to include keywords for SEO.

When writing your description, remember to answer these questions:

  • What is the product?
  • How is product made?
  • What materials were used to make product?
  • Why does the customer need it?
  • What problem does it answer/solve for the customer?

Answering these questions will help the buyer feel confident about their purchase.


Product Photos

Your product photos are your most valuable asset on Etsy. Ecommerce depends on the customer’s ability to see a product and know enough about the product by looking at the pictures to take the next steps: read about and research the product and ultimately make the purchase.

Product photos must convey a lot of information to the customer. Etsy now allows you to post 10 photos. Take advantage of that space and show off your products.

Good photos will further build your buyer’s confidence. Here are some tips to get your started:

Photo Tips:

  • Use natural light when possible. Diffused sunlight makes beautiful pics.
  • Avoid using a flash which creates washed out spots.
  • Use a tripod if you own one. Or stabilize your camera by placing it on a sturdy surface. A stack of hardback books will provide a steady surface and offers the ability to change the height of the camera.


Shop Policies

To encourage your shop visitors to purchase, your shop policies sections must be complete. Buyers want to know what to expect when they buy from you.

Go to Shop Manager>Settings>Policies to edit:

  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Welcome Message
  • Payment Policy
  • Shipping Policy
  • Additional Information

Your shop policies need to be complete, straightforward and easy to read. Use bullet points or an FAQ style to convey as much information as possible.

Remember, you want visitors to turn into buyers. Your policies should be fair to both you and the buyer. And you want to cover as many questions as possible, so you aren’t fielding buyer questions all day long.


BONUS TIP: Your About (Shop Story) page gives you the opportunity to let shoppers get to know you. A few ideas to include in your Shop Story:

  • Introduction to YOU (keep it professional, honest, and fun)
  • History of how you got involved with your art/craft
  • Where you work and who you work with
  • Your process, where you source your materials, your equipment
  • Your why (but don’t give them a sob story!)


Spend a couple of hours preparing your shop to take the role of your favorite salesperson. Build trust with your customer and watch the sales roll in.

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