How to Improve Your Health by Using a Planner

Cynthia Hull

You are probably familiar with many of the primary benefits to using a daily planner, like being organized in your personal and professional life, never missing an important event, and having a place to write down your to-do lists and other important lists. However, it can also be really useful for your health, including mental and physical health.


Planning Helps Reduce Unneeded Stress

 It is amazing how much stress is lifted once you start using a planner. Whether you just use the basic calendar pages, have complex to-do lists, or plan out your goals, your planner shows keeps you on track and shows your accomplishments.

Your planner and the time you spend working with it minimizes the stress:

  • You no longer have consistent stress from missing deadlines.
  • You don’t have the feeling that something is coming up but no idea what it is.
  • You don’t feel overwhelmed by everything you need to get done.
  • You don’t waste time deciding what to do next.
Daily Schedules Keep You on Track


The daily schedules are especially important, as you can flesh out your main tasks into more specific tasks for each day. Start by noting important days and events in the monthly calendar, then move over to the weekly calendar to set weekly goals. From there, you can choose what needs to be accomplished during each day in order to reach these goals.

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Gain More Control Over Your Life

When you have mental health disorders like anxiety or depression, you often feel out of control. Your life can feel like it has been consumed that you are just barely getting by. By using a planner, everything is scheduled and becomes a routine, so not only do you know what to expect, but you feel like you are in control of your life.

Maintain Positive Mindset

If you struggle with your mindset, using a planner can actually help you think more positively. Less stress and more control will empower you. Staying on top of all your responsibilities energizes you. You feel more positive and optimistic.

A more positive mindset enables you to focus on more than just the day to day responsibilities. You might find new hobbies and new interests.

Use Blank Pages for Tracking Health Triggers


Take advantage of the blank pages in your planner by using them to note triggers and track your symptoms. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, panic disorders, chronic disease like rheumatoid arthritis or trying to lose weight, a journal of symptons and triggers will help you and your doctor manage your health. Having it in your planner allows you to have more insight into when these issues occur and how to avoid them in the future.

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Track Your Fitness Goals


Fitness and physical activity is important for everyone, not just people trying to lose weight or bulk up. No matter who you are, it is important to fit some exercise into your lifestyle. The planner is a great tool for fitness goals. Schedule workouts in the calendar section of the planner and dedicate pages for tracking workouts, listing fitness goals and measuring results.


Keep Track of Weight and Measurements


For those who are trying to lose weight or just maintain their current weight, a planner is a good tool for keeping track of your weight and measurements. There are of course digital apps that do this, but sometimes you want everything in one place, and to enter the weight or measurements on a date on your calendar. Don’t underestimate the power of putting pen to paper when tracking or setting goals.



Plan Meals and Diet


Another big part of health and wellness has to do with what you put into your body. Your diet isn’t just about weight loss, but about physical and mental health. You might have specific goals like reducing sugar and caffeine, or maybe you want to try to get to your 5 servings of fruit and veggies goal for each day. Many areas of the planner offer you the option to track what you eat, set nutrition goals, and even do some meal planning.



Start a Healthy Daily Routine


Using your planner itself can also be good for your health when you add it to your daily routine. Check in each day. Write down the day’s to-do lists and confirm tasks for your next goal. Really use it to its full advantage, and you will be amazed by how much better you feel – physically and mentally.


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