You Want to be Your Own Boss! .... hmmm, Maybe?

Cynthia Hull

How to Start a Business, part one 


Do you yearn to discover if you have what it takes to be your own boss?

Do you have a calling to create a business, an empire, a little corner of the world where you are in control? 

Entrepreneurship requires a specific set of beliefs, habits, and skills – a growth mindset. 

 Do you want to be your own boss?


    Susan has worked in her job for almost 30 years. She is near retirement but knows she will need an income to supplement her retirement savings. The idea of working on someone else’s agenda holds no appeal. Susan has a vision to use her talents to help others and thinks she could create a business.

    Lynette has worked a corporate job for more than 20 years. She is good at what she does but needs to let her creative side out. She started spending nights and weekends exploring her creative talents. Lynette began a side business selling her creations, almost by accident. Now, she needs to decide: should she take her side gig full-time?

    Martha has been busy raising kids the last 25 years. Her baby leaves for college soon. She is looking into the abyss of an empty nest. For years she has volunteered her time to do graphic design for her kid’s activities. She even taught herself WordPress so she could help manage the websites for the soccer team, the youth choir, the scouts, and the school parent organization. Looking at the extra time she has and all she’s learned, Martha wonders if she can start making money with her design and WordPress skills.  

    Susan, Lynette, and Martha are all at a crossroads. Keep doing what they are doing or step into the future as their own boss. The question they are asking:

    Do I have what it takes to start a business?

    You may be at a similar fork in the road.

    [ A word of WARNING: If you want the comfort of regular paychecks with benefits, and you want to turn it all off at 5pm, then running your own business isn’t for you.]

    If you have an idea for a business, and you’re driven to be your own boss, it may be time to take the leap.

    What does it take to be an entrepreneur? Are you ready to kick start your business?


    Identify Your “Why”

    He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.


    Why exactly do you want to start a business? You hear many different “WHY’s”. There is no right or wrong reasons to start a business. For example, your 'why' may be:

    • financial security to weather tough economic times
    • to create jobs in the local community
    • to put your kids through college
    • to lead a laptop lifestyle
    • to have the freedom to work when and wherever you want to
    • to bring an invention to market that will change people’s lives
    • to travel the world
    • to have extra savings to help your parents
    • to buy your dream house

     The “why” of your goal is the energy that fuels your success.

    When you face challenges (and you will face challenges) and encounter obstacles with no clear way through, your “why” will keep you going.

    With no clear idea why you want to start a business, your motivation and focus will quickly disappear.

     Download the Action Guide to help discover your big “WHY”.  


    Do You Have an Entrepreneur Mindset?

    Now, let’s talk about what’s going on in your head. Opening a business, especially one that is dependent on YOU as the brand, is one of the most challenging things you will do. Really .. you may think right now that you won’t run into mental blocks and obstacles .. but you will.

    A mindset is a set of ideas and beliefs. Your mindset determines how you react to certain situations.

    Think about the “half-full” people in your life. These people see a glass of water that is half-full as a good thing – it’s half-full not an empty glass. Whatever the situation they find themselves in they try to find the positive spin.

    The “half-empty” folks can only see faults, problems, and obstacles.

    For example:

    "I don’t know how to build a website, so there's no point in starting my own business."

    With this attitude and state of mind, how successful would they be? The “half-empty” folks talked themselves out of success before they even tried.

    (And .. ** SPOILER ALERT ** .. you don’t necessarily need a website to start your business.)

    Don’t let the “half-empty” mindset interfere with your success.

    The good news is that your current mindset is not a blueprint for life. By taking a close look at your beliefs and asking important questions, you can change your mindset and set yourself up for success.

    Change Your Mindset


    All successful people acknowledge the importance of having the right mindset in helping them succeed. Great athletes don't just have physical ability and training - they have the mindset to win. Renowned musicians don't just have talent and perfect pitch - they have the mindset to share their gift with the world.

    Developing a positive mindset is essential for entrepreneurs to achieve success. Taking the time to identify your ‘why’ and maintaining motivation are key steps towards developing this mindset. Remember, you are the only one responsible for shaping your own destiny, so why not make it a positive one? With an optimistic outlook and dedication to achieving your dreams, there is nothing stopping you from creating a successful business.

    Download the action guide and set aside time every day to develop your entrepreneur mindset.

    (Whoa .. are you thinking that all this sounds like too much? There are no magic wands or pills that will change your mindset. You are in total control of your mindset and your own success, no matter what that definition may be. To learn more about how to develop your entrepreneurial mindset, check out this article.)

    Good Luck!  

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