Mindset Tip #10: Be a Giver

Cynthia Hull

Be a Giver

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Give more than you receive.

Or maybe it sounds like too much work. Who's got time to give when you are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

But that may be the problem. When you shift your focus from your ever-expanding work load to how your work is a gift, you shift from being an over-worked, exhausted worker to being a joyous, energetic and productive giver. 

Your expertise, knowledge, effort and time are a gift to the people you are serving. Whatever it is you do - dog training, virtual assistant, data analysis, website designer, chef, coach - it's a gift to the person you do it for. (Yes, I know, you get paid for those services. The gift isn't the services, it's the attitude with which you do it that is the gift.)

But wait! There's more!!

You receive back 100 fold what you give with a generous heart. 

You will live a full and satisfying life when you give other's your time, knowledge, experience and care. 

Give it a try. Be a giver with a generous heart. 

mindset Tip #10 Be a Giver

"A giver will never suffer a defeat." 
~ Sunday Adelaja
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Mindset Tip No. 10