Blog Roundup - February 2017

February may be the shortest month, but there were plenty of really great blog posts to read. My favorites follow --- check them out.


February 2017 Blog Roundup


From House of Brazen: My #1 Piece of Advice for Newbie Entrepreneurs   The answer is different than you might imagine, but the reasons she gives are so important. #1 is focusing on money-making habits. So easy to be busy in your business, doing the tasks that need to be done but without actually making money.  Focus on money making tasks first or you won't have a business for long.  Great reminder.

From XOSarah: Things to Think About Today to Keep Your Blog Running Long Term   The post is about starting a full time blog but the advise works for any new business -- or any entrepreneur who is looking for a long term income.  I really like the last piece of advice - Pay attention and be flexible. Whatever type of business you are in, you have to be in tune with your audience and what you are producing for them.  The sweet spot remains the same, for any business -- where your passion meets your audience's needs.


Is Your Leadership Level to the Point of Getting the Results You Want In Your Business? From Coach Mike Macdonald .. Make the case for constant investment in your own skillset and knowledge.  The truth is, "it’s probably time to invest in your training and skill sets to be able to handle the results you are looking to achieve".  Think about your goals and what your business needs to be to achieve those results. Do you have the skill set or knowledge to manage your business at that level?



8 Secret Ways Interviews Can Boost Your Content Marketing Success  from The Social Ms  Looking for new ideas to boost your content marketing? This post from Susanna Gebauer makes the case for including interviews in your strategy.  You can use videos, written interviews on your blog, or interview someone on your podcast.  Interesting strategy to investigate.


Fall in Love with your Business and Make More Money, from Michele PW at Love Based Biz asks the question, "how do you feel - how do you really fell - about your business? Thought provoking post you must read if you own your business. What can you do to fall wildly in love with your business -- and shouldn't you feel that way about it?


From Ann Strout, How I hit $10k As A Brand New Coach -- Ann is transparent here with how she grew her business by working through her mental, mindset blocks.  Great examples you can relate to and prescriptions to fix the problems. You may discover you share some of these blocks, if so, try Ann's prescriptions.
Finally, because the winter just hasn't moved along yet, a post from Wellness Mama -- Natural Remedies for Illness. I've been around long enough to know when I need to go to the doctor  but that doesn't mean I don't want relief when I feel icky. Hot teas, herbal relief and essentials oils may be worth a try. (I'm not a doctor, just passing along some ideas here… )
Leave a comment with the posts you read -- (or wrote) -- that provide great information, motivation, and practical advice.






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