Plan, Prep and Profit

Cynthia Hull

How to get your shop ready for the busy holiday season for maximum profit and minimum stress. 


“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..”

It’s time to get your Etsy shop .. and your life.. ready for the busy holiday season. For many shops, a majority of their sales are made in the last quarter of the year. In fact, some shop’s entire sales targets for the year are reached during November and December. 

Sounds good, right? It can be, if you and your shop are ready. You can’t reach your sales goals if you don’t have the products to sell. Likewise, you can’t sell your product if your shop is hard to find and no one knows about you.  And, it won’t be the most wonderful time of the year if you aren’t prepared to handle increased business on top of your normal busy holiday.



There are two scenarios of how the holiday selling season may unfold:

You wake up on December 26th totally exhausted. You’ve made some money. Sold a few things. Unfortunately, you missed a bunch of sales because you didn’t have time to fulfill the customization. You had to cancel a sale because you have no idea where you stashed the item sold.

Your office and work area a disaster, (like call FEMA for help type of disaster). You missed your kids’ choir holiday performance. The cookies you were going to bake for your book club’s cookie exchange are still a bunch of ingredients in the pantry.  You think to yourself … there’s gotta be a better way.


On December 26th, you wake up energized to get back to work. Your shop sales are better than you expected. You have sold out of your most popular items. You were able to fulfill all custom orders.

The holidays were busy but you managed the choir performance, the cookie exchange plus your neighbor’s open house. You’ve got plans for New Year’s Eve and you can’t wait until next year when you know your holiday sales will be even better.

Which scenario do you want to experience?


The most important part of getting your shop ready for the holidays is to make sure your products, inventory, and pricing will support your goal.

  • What are your goals for the holiday season?
  • When the new year brings a slower pace and you reflect on the holidays, what do you want to have experienced?
  • Whether your shop is your full time gig or your side hustle, a strategy for success is essential.

To plan a prosperous holiday selling season, you need to have thoughtful, realistic sales targets. You need to set yourself up for success with accurate expectations of production capacity and attainable profits. 

To get where you want to go, you need a plan. And I can help you. 

Plan, Prep and Profit is my annual guide to getting making money in your Etsy shop with less stress.


Pick up your copy today and learn to price your products for profit, set your shop up for holiday success and keep your sanity on the home front.


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