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INFOGRAPHICS and SEO: The Forgotten Relationship

INFOGRAPHICS and SEO:                                             The Forgotten Relationship

An infographic is a visual way to offer a representation of concepts. Both simple and complex concepts are more easily understood through a combination of images and text. When you are trying to improve SEO, you may only consider content in text format. Images are often given the short end of the stick and are a late addition, added without much thought. But, they should not be an afterthought. People Are Visual: Most people enjoy looking at pictures. When reading online, information broken up by complementary pictures makes it easier to grasp information. Readers Want What They Want Now:  The...

5 Exercises to Improve Your Focus

5 Exercises to Improve Your Focus

  When Diane Sawyer was asked the secret to her success, she said: "I think the one lesson I've learned is there is no substitute for paying attention." If Diane Sawyer's career is proof of the power of FOCUS, we should all work to improve. Did you know you can improve your focus with simple exercises? It’s true. Like working out to strengthen your muscles, you can workout to strengthen your FOCUS. Try these focus exercises which take less than ten minutes to do. GOOD LUCK!